We developed a completely new and integral system in order to bring harmony to body, mind and soul.
Love of life is essential for all our being. Therefore philoa helps you to discover, respect and balance your body, mind and soul. We accompany you throughout this process by using well-chosen therapies and emotional arrangements. With gentle massages, pleasant aroma therapies and refreshing energy work we empower and regenerate you entirely.
HUNAS SHOW THE WAY … wisdom of inner peace.
bring a purpose to your thoughts and concentrate on the essential - with HUNAS, old hawaiian wisdom. In the HUNA philosophy they are crucial for a decent and successful life. These ideas build up a homogenous system covering all aspects of life and empowering you to achieve your goals.
IKE – the world is what you think it is.
KALA – there are no limits.
MAKIA – energy follows attention.
MANAWA – the time of power is now.
ALOHA – to love means to be satisfied with what you have.
MANA – all power comes from you and yourself. Enviromental effects are an illusion.
PONO – effectiveness is the measure of truth and the measure of effectiveness is experience.
We have the perfect philoa programm for both curious guests having no experience with energetic therapies and guests having specific aims of overcoming a mental barrier. Of course, you can book a specific implementation, for that just study our flyer.
If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to contact our philoa team which is available for any kind of request.
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