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At 1,141 meters, the Brocken is the highest peak in the Harz Mountains. From the top there is a magnificent panoramic view. A Brocken tour is therefore one of the highlights of any trip to the Harz Mountains. Even famous travelers such as Goethe and Heine were magically attracted to the summit at the time. Goethe processed his impressions of “Blocksberg” on Walpurgis Night in Faust and Heine wrote in his “Harzreise”: “On the mountains I want to climb, where the dark firs tower, brooks roar, birds sing, and the proud clouds chase…”.
The “Mountain of the Germans”, as the peak is also called, has some special features: Geographically, it lies on the former inner-German border and was a restricted area from 1961 to 1989. Climatically, its elevated position in northern Germany makes for harsh winds and cold temperatures, comparable to the mountains of Iceland. In terms of nature conservation, the magical mountain peak belongs to the Harz National Park and is located in the middle of the park’s core zone. Therefore, public transport remains locked out. The Brocken road leads from Schierke to the summit, but this can only be used with special permission. Some wagoners offer covered wagon rides from Schierke to the Brocken. The second possibility to travel to the Brocken is offered by the Brockenbahn, which belongs to the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB). Those who want to experience the tour to the summit very intensively will of course hike up. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe started his first Brocken tour from Torfhaus on December 10, 1777, accompanied by forester Degen. The rough terrain, untouched nature and bizarre shapes along the way left a lasting impression on him. Goethe processed his Brocken experience in Faust.

With the narrow-gauge railroad to the highest peak of the Harz Mountains
The Brockenbahn takes you comfortably up to the highest peak of the Harz Mountains – and you can enjoy the special experience of traveling with a historic steam locomotive. The trains of the Brockenbahn have been leading to the legendary 1,142-meter-high peak again since 1992. The Harz narrow-gauge railroads, one of the biggest attractions in the Harz Mountains, can look back on a history of more than 100 years.
A ride with the Brockenbahn up the Brocken is one of the absolute highlights of a vacation in the Harz mountains. It offers not only a unique railroad experience, but also the easiest way to climb the highest mountain in the Harz Mountains. The journey from the main station in Wernigerode takes a good hour and 40 minutes. The Brocken station is one of the highest stations of all German narrow-gauge railroads. The steep ascent offers travelers an overwhelming panorama of the Hochharz National Park. Arrived on the Brocken, one is rewarded in good weather with a wide view into the country.


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